Books have Replaced Facebook

I’ve finally found out why Facebook has been a crux for so long in my life. I have used it, in part, to live vicariously through other people. I would find a place I wanted to live, visit or found interesting. I would locate people there that I liked and send dozens of friend requests hoping to get accepted and finally get to see what this cool person who lives in this cool place lives there life and what they see. This I felt would be great. It turned out not to be.

The reality was that I began to actually NOT like these people. In fact some I started to truly dislike them in a major way. I hated to see their adventures because I wanted to do those things and felt very jealous. I got frustrated by the decisions they made in life and began to unfairly judge them. All their positive posts sickened me as they failed to post the downs as well giving them the impression of being phony. My time on Facebook became very unpleasant because of this. Every visit was addictive to see what this person or that was doing or dating, or eating, or… It became a maddening obsession.  (On a side note, due to the “Great Trump Supporter Virtual Execution” I was able to kill (Block/unfriend) many which made me temporarily happy).

The only people who I grew not to dislike where those for whom I had the lucky opportunity to interact with. Who I had helped or had helped me. They sort of transcended a barrier. Perhaps the others were just annoying me with all their happy “ME” and not the realistic “WE” posting.  Those who I value still comment on my posts and I am thankful to have them as friends. (Obviously, if you are reading this you know you are one, the others are too busy taking selfies of their fake lives {can’t let it go, dammit, lol} )

So Books, books have provided me a wonderful escape and the ability to see into another 81LgqoLWX7L._SL1500_person’s mind to see how they lived or live without the expectation of interaction. I am currently reading the book “Walden on Wheels”  (and Hoodoo in the Lowcountry, as well as “What If” by the XKCD author) which essentially parallels my own struggles with debt and need to travel and work. While no person or author can be my savior, it is refreshing to realize and understand that I am NOT unique and there are others just like me in this world. They may not be identical, but they struggle with the same issues as I do. Like music, movies, and art, I can enjoy what’s presented and not become biased by the person behind the work (yes I like some of Bieber’s music…but hate him personally, I also have never seen Mission Impossible as I made the mistake of learning too much about Tom Cruise.)

One final note read in one of the 10 books I’ve consumed in the past two weeks; Your Mind is a Garden, you can choose what to plant, Weeds (Facebook) or Beneficial plants(books).


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