What have I become…..

I finished a book yesterday and I am hesitant to start another as I’m leaving to the Outer Banks tomorrow so figured I would spend some time debating on Facebook. Not my favorite activity but after walking my 8 miles already today and playing with the dog I figured it would be a good distraction. Ironically what started as an intellectual trolling ended as a ministering/diplomatic dialogue supporting a persecuted people. While I’m far from religious and not at all Christian, I suspect some of my reading and study of sociology, theology, the origin and the evolution of the Christian churches has opened up something in my mind and possibly even allowed me to not only empathize but also not get influenced by anger and ignorance as I have in the past. While I don’t expect to get through to the individual I hope I will provide at least some, at least mild influence on their mindset, hopefully for the better.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 6.00.07 PM




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