40 Miles and an Interview

40 miles and an interview were enough to clarify a few things in our trajectory.  Within my last posting, I highlighted several potential options. It seems many of those pretty well cleared up themselves leaving a future that still seems very murky.

Let’s start with the employment area as it seems rather funny in a dark sort of way. The Customs and Border Protection job…yeah not gonna happen. It seems a few marijuana cookies I had a couple years ago were enough to disqualify me from working for Trump’s Gestapo. According to the CBP, it’s apparently a violation of federal law to possess and consume that scary drug. Why did I mention it. I don’t lie, and having been through a polygraph once I know I can’t beat it. The thought just makes me want to get some tasty THC gummy bears and get high to Bob Dylan’s, Everybody gets Stoned.

Onto my next job experience…the interview. This interview taught me the value of NOT checking voicemail while on a hike with little to no service, especially NOT on day one of four. This job was in Idaho ranger district and while it was advertised as a Forest Protection Officer position it was essentially a housekeeping position punctuated by cleaning outhouses. When asked about the FPO they told me that the certification training was scheduled for before the official hiring date and I would not get it this year….or at least I thought they said all this. What I’m leaving out is that the interview was conducted while I was standing on a boulder at the top of a rocky, windy ledge while it was spitting rain at 40 degrees. The cell phone had 1-2 bars of service and I could barely make out the interview questions, only getting about 1/3 of the question in the signal chop then trying to answer. Why? This was the best I was going to get for 6 days and had to touch base. Needless to say at the conclusion of the interview I heard a click and dead line. I doubt I got the job. At least it was my most interesting interview!!

So, what about the AT? This is a painful circumstance. I want to continue north but my wife is physically not up to it gaining a painful blister and aches she did not anticipate. This is very saddening to me but at least it was not Ayashe who caused us to get off the trail. I should also mention that my backpack is causing me some serious pain and I’m not prepared to buy another. If I were to continue I would need to do so. There is also a major elephant in Maine that is trumpeting loudly and it is a storage unit that must be cleaned out to save us some money.  We need to get up there and be around to deal with it while the summer visitors are around and can buy our stuff. To spend the summer recreating while this is over our head would not be prudent and must be dealt with.

We are currently at Autumn’s parents again. One night was spent at a hotel, a second stealth camping in a state forest which included spying on some partying kids who had no idea we were camped 200′ from them in our stealth cruiser. We will be here a few more days, did I mention I lost my credit card and need to get the replacement perhaps I lost it camping?  Then we are heading northwards up to the top of Maine and then southwards to harass family!!. Time will tell when we arrive.

What does the extended future hold? We are seriously looking at a red and white maple leaf this winter with a bunch of tests, and applications to follow. Which province will take us is the question. All we do know is we know a sinking ship and hope to at least spend some time on a snowy island filled with moose and surrounded by loons.

Also, if you have not been paying attention to a word I have said in the past several posts I will say it again…I hate Facebook, and social media in general as it’s the land of exibitionary millenials with no talent or life who think for some reason people actually want to follow thier immature narcissistic antics or watch them do stupid stuff on thier vlogs. I cannot participate on the site on a personal level so I need to distance myself. I am going to continue to write the blog as it’s thereputic but will most likely be unlinking it from Facebook as I continue my departure from the site. If you have not already I strongly suggest you subscribe to the blog so you at least get my ramblings in your email.



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