A Job Done Poorly is Worse than Doing Nothing at All.

A few months ago it was suggested that an older drop in stove be replaced with a slide in stove. I looked at the issue, took a few measurements and concluded that it was going to be a complete nightmare…if at all possible.

Fast forward to today; the stove debate is now going strong. So strong in fact that the removal of the old stove took place this morning only to confirm my initial findings; that the new stove will not fit….but seems some think it can.


Unfortunatly the reality that it does not fit did not end it. Those involved still determined to ignore my experienced thoughts feel as though the new stove can be shoehorned in with the help of a sawzall, tilecutter and hammer. While enough prying could potentially work, a chainsaw to the cabinet may be easier, take less time and produce very similar results and while the stove MAY fit, the entire counter with granite will be undermined and possibly even crack. That being said I am having NO PART of this ill bred idea.  Shortcuts are good in some cases..but not in construction.


So I sit here, frustrated and annoyed that I just wasted a good two hours taking something apart that I already knew was going to be an issue. To only have my thoughts argued with. Time wasted is not something I will get back….frustrated time is even worse. At least though I can find solice that I won’t be adding or contributing to poor ideas.


Moral though is to never do anything, or involve yourself in anything that will not be done correctly. It will only result in frustration and headache if not exceptional cost in the end.






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